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Centrifugal filter


Working principle:

This centrifugal filter is by the centrifugal force from the high speed rotating drum, gravity to separate the oil and slag to realize liquid-solid separation. Once the drum stop rotating, clean oil will come out from the drum to realize filtering. The final oil are clean, no foam and no overflowing pot.


  • Filtering speed fast, every 3-5 minutes finish one filtering, every time filtering around 25-30kg; around every 1000kg filtering have to clean the oil slag once.
  • Comparing to other filters, this centrifugal filter no need any other extra spare parts, and no more consumption of filter cloth or cloth cleaning.
  • Save power, after start the power, the drum reach to highest speed then add crude oil and cut off power, the oil will be filtered by the centrifugal force through drum, when the drum stopped, the clean oil will come out.

Main data:

Model: CL-50 centrifugal filter

Power: 3kw(380v/220v)

Capacity: 300-400kg/h

Rated flow: 3 m3/h

Rotated speed: 2200rpm

Working pressure: 0.2Mpa

Cleanness: 4NAS

Size: 500x500x1000mm

Weight: 120kg

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