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The pneumatic hose filling machine working principle and application characteristic
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    Selection of world-renowned brands the the pneumatic hose filling machines piston quantitative set of electromechanical, pneumatic, electrical and pneumatic components, electrical control, novel design, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, adaptability,

Simple operation, easy maintenance, and so on. Can also be part of the device after special treatment applied to the high temperature of 80-95 ℃ filling. Widely used in drinks, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, liquid and oyster sauce, honey, concentrated fruit juice and other semiliquid and viscous body irrigation

Installed, to choose from a variety of filling volume.

A pneumatic hose filling machine works

    It is reasonable structure, reliable performance and accurate quantitative shell and filling material contact parts are stainless steel material material 304 Model, other materials can also be customized according to customer needs. The main components are polished, roughness ra ≤

0.2-0.4um, comply with the requirements of GMP certification. Corrosion protection, the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted according to user needs in the model range.

Pneumatic hose filling machine

    Suitable for fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, mineral water, purified water, yogurt, milk, oil, hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, cleaning, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, sauce, glue, oral solution , syrup, liquid filling machineBody alcohol. Applicable industries catering, food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol, chemicals and so on.

Third, pneumatic hose filling machine features

    Well-known brand in the world of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable performance, reliable, long service life; contact with the material are made of stainless steel, simple disassembly, easy to clean and meet the health requirements; Filling quantity and speed adjustment simple

Has no bottle no filling function, feeding liquid level control, aesthetic appearance; without replacing parts, you can quickly adjust the replacement of bottles of different shapes and sizes, applicability; mouth filling with anti-drip device, ensure irrigation installed no drawing, no drip

. Filling head submerged filling can be changed, so can effectively prevent irrigation