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Vacuum packaging machine in cooked food
2012-11-01 by seoer9

    The market demand for cooked food preservation products can extend product shelf life, easy to store at the same time easy to carry conditions, how the

product packaging is very important. In the field of packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machine appears to solve all


Using the principle:

    Vacuum pellet packing machine composite aluminum foil composite film or plastic film for packaging materials, vacuum packaging of various meat products. Due to

the bag high vacuum, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of the product to reach the shelf life, preservation, security flavor, color retention

function, extension

The storage period of the long products, the same time, some of the soft goods, after vacuum packaging can be reduced packaging volume, easy to transport and


Vacuum packaging machine using the steps of:

  1, power on, turn on the power switch, vacuum-packed cooked food products requirements set vacuum time

  2, different materials, each vacuum bag sealing temperature and sealing time can be set according to the material

  3, packing products into vacuum powder packing machine , sealing bar

  4, the vacuum pressure vacuum machine cover

  5, when a certain degree of vacuum is reached, into the sealing procedure

  6, sealing the end of the cooling state, then deflated, product packaging