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Juicer three categories
2013-07-08 by seoer9
A single functional juicing machine (also known as juice machine)
Function analysis:
Do pure juice. After you start the machine, motor driven foil speed rotation. The fruits and vegetables from the feed port into the foil, foil spikes will cut fruit and vegetable pieces in foil produced by high speed centrifugal force, Marc flying foil into the slag box, and piercing the foil juice inflow juice cup.
Electric food processing machinery inside, only this kind of machinery can produce pure juice. Pure fruit juice drink friends must look to buy.
Single function, in addition to doing other than pure fruit juice basically do not do anything.
Second, the mixer
With a motor driven blade rotating at high speed in order to achieve mixing, crushing, cutting food purpose machines referred to as food mixers. Most juice extractor on the market together mixer, comprising: a milk cup, a grinding cup, a cup of ground meat. There is also a small amount of product is fit mixer, together less than a functional module, consumers in the purchase must be accountable to ask your dealer.
Function analysis:
1, beat milk. The amount of dry beans soaked with water hours later, pour the milk bottles strainer cup, add water to the milk cup tick below the maximum amount of water suitable position, start the machine and start smashing. Quickly becomes white turbid water, and increasing concentrations of
2, grinding. Home, there is often a need to polish it, such as the commonly used spices pepper noodles, red pepper, etc., there are certain dishes excipients, such as making tamales rice needed to do the Korean rice cake or cake in Sichuan required soybean flour, are needed to the blender grinding capabilities. It can be said, grinding function at home making more professional gourmet possible.
3, ground meat. Meat mixer functions generally suitable for small meat cutter, used to make balls, dumplings and other foods.
4, fruit mix. Fruit mix is ??consumer concern a blender important functions, but also a function of consumer confusion. Many have played juicer mixer signs, once again, I want to remind the reader of the mixer are unable to make pure fruit juice. Mixer for fruit handling mainly in two ways: The first one is to use milk cup, the fruit into the milk cup grille, the addition of water, milk or other beverages as a solution, start mixer for mixing. This way you can put the fruit juice dissolved into solution, the obtained mixed fruit juice, and can be separated with a milk cup nets most pomace; second is the fruit directly into the milk cup, do not use mesh cover, adding to join water, milk or other beverages as a solution, start mixer for mixing. This way you can put fruit juices, Marc and solutions are mixed together, get a cup of mixed fruit drink.
Third, multi-functional Juicer
Is a collection of multi-functional Juicer Juicers and blenders functional food processing machinery. Structurally speaking, that consists of a multi-functional Juicer juicer single function, plus milk cup, grinding cup, and ground meat Cup (also abrasive cups and stir the meat to function together as cups made of an abrasive cutter meat Cup), which is talked about a lot of brands combined together Juicer blender or juicer.