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The leather mill technical characteristics with
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 Heartgrinding mill system to make skin made kindly, more flour, leather gear grinding roller DD arranged, small tooth angle, slope, heart grinding teeth roller color big teeth angle, dense teeth, high angle. Although short pink road without light roller, abrasive pure guarantee to the heart, it can be achieved

Same grinding effect, so they requested that the grading screen I skin ~ IV mesh in turn increased by 16W 32W, coupled with the impact the use of loose powder machine, enter the the plansifter material inevitably mixed with bran crumbs, plansifter in order to ensure the quality of flour , the plansifter powder sieve should be encrypted, such as raw

Produced a special powder, the road ahead using 11XX, posterior adoption 12XX.

 Slag grinding grinding system is attached to the endosperm in oatmeal stripping scraped, coarse ground purification lay the foundation for the system of the Qing powder, slag mill is located at least two. Many mills only set up one, and the production of too much flour, normally slag

The wear take powder of less than 8%. Sieve processing equipment in the most used plansifter addition to sieve the flour to use it, you must also grinding after materials classification, separation various products, such as heart wheat, wheat residue, coarse, crude powder, sieve different sizes

Composition length is not the same the screen management processes. If the configuration is not reasonable, will have a "sieve dry" and "not sieve net. In addition, I peel and II skin mainly produce a large amount of wheat residue, wheat heart, III the skins, IV skin as much as possible to scrape the endosperm, bran complete, into

Into the heart of the grinding system materials in line with the principles of the "homogeneity merger", can not appear ash difference between the materials into the same grinding mill roller. Milling technology in products should stage treatment to eliminate the loop. If a check sieve, sieve residue thereof, can enter

III leather screen, circular sieve manager, has little effect on the quality of flour.

 Milling production should not only observe the operation of each device to maximize their effectiveness, and to deal with a good grinding and sieve reasonable relationship, because they are two important processes in the wheat hammer mill  process, both with , in order to improve the powder

Rate, This flour mill efficiency gains.


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