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Vacuum packing machine choose and buy should note
2012-11-02 by seoer9

Along with the progress of the society, the food logistics transportation to the requirement of the packaging more and more high, for the needs of all kinds of packaging machinery is rising year by year, vacuum packaging machine is such one of the products. Today, vacuum packaging machine problem of choose and buy some opinions about:

1. Vacuum pump is the core, pay attention to quality and brand

Vacuum pump as vacuum packaging machine core, in the choice should be careful and cautious. Whether large or small vacuum packaging machine pump, first of all we focus on is its price. In addition, but also focus on the ability of vacuum pump and vacuum, general With cubic meters/hour said, but it is not the bigger the better, as long as with the whole machine working speed matching can.

2. Choose normal manufacturer quality assured

Automatic, semi-automatic packaging machine control principle is applied electrical element control, only normal manufacturer of electronic components to ensure durable, reliable, safe, vulnerable parts are easy to buy. Otherwise easy ageing, may often out of the question. Normal manufacturer in the processes of vacuum packaging machine, packaging machine,filling machines , the three dimensional packaging machine electric control device all quotes world famous brand technology, quality assurance, trustworthy.

3. Polish see clear true and false stainless steel material

General normal vacuum powder packing machine  vendors, choose is true stainless steel, such as 304 brand, is the equipment special steel. And a small factory, is like to use alternative, plate thickness is thin. The author recommended product type 600 the following 3 mm thick steel Wood, and more than 600 type with 4 mm thick steel.

4. Choose to have strength of the packaging machine suppliers

For manufacturers of technical ability and after-sales service capacity for verification. General through the telephone communication and patronage factory site will be able to have a general understanding of (even on your own website are not manufacturers must not buy), any products are not perfect, only after Service timely and thoughtful manufacturer just won't give the user trouble or affect production.



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