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Great efficiency of the development briquette
2013-03-15 by seoer9
(1) to improve combustion efficiency and reduce energy waste
As the the Chinese civil briquette main briquette, supported by advanced stoves, thermal efficiency than burning coal for 1 times. In a variety of clean coal technology, industrial coal energy conversion rate is the highest, at 97.5%, far greater than other technologies. Boiler briquette product size larger voids, can guarantee the desired combustion, the combustion efficiency is high, while exposed to the small amount of coal, compared to the combustion of raw coal, coal of 15% to 20%.
(2) reduce environmental pollution
The boiler fired Briquette can significantly reduce air pollution. Compared with the combustion of raw coal, SO2 emissions are reduced by about 40% to 60% of NO2 emissions are reduced by about 40%, reduce soot emissions by about 60%, a strong carcinogen (Bap) is reduced by 50% or more, have a significant environmental effect. The briquette during processing sulfur-fixing agent, was added to the binder, can make from 40% to 50% reduction in SO2 emissions, but also can reduce the amount of solid dust emissions. In addition, the briquette machine manufacturers in china can use industrial waste and agricultural waste as a binder, turning waste into treasure, reducing waste emissions.
(3) change the performance of a single coal defects
Briquette manufacturing process, through the use of additives, not performance coals be combined and blending, so that the caking index, ignition point, ash, ash melting point, sulfur content, fixed carbon, volatile, and heat and other indicators improve, increasing coal reactivity, flammability, thermal stability, and ash melting point, to produce the various indicators of quality products to meet customer requirements. For example, by blending the non-coking coal molding coke as a substitute for metallurgical coke; bituminous coal is made of non-smoking briquette machine alternative smoke-free lump coal gasification, thereby expanding the use of coal ways.
(4) reduce the lump coal demand
Chinese industrial boilers, kilns, a substantial portion of the layer ignition need burning lump coal; need lump coal production of synthesis gas and fuel gas in China's chemical fertilizer industry. Situation, the development of industrial-type can ease the lump coal shortage small number of fine coal rational and effective utilization opened a technical way.
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