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The briquette including many types of briquette pulverized coal,
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 coal face, slime, respectively pressed into spherical or other shape. Mixture of pulverized coal and coal slurry can also be pressed into spherical and other shapes. For boiler combustion and gasification.
 The main application using mechanical methods will be the end of coal or pulverized coal compression molding, has a certain shape or size of coal manufactured goods. Common briquettes, coal briquettes and briquettes. The briquette can improve combustion efficiency and reduce environmental pollution, expanding lean coal, gas coal, long flame coal and lignite contour volatile weakly caking coal range of applications, the rational utilization of coal resources.
Industrial briquette
① briquette chemical used, typically 35 to 50mm of briquettes, available is less than 3mm anthracite or tar yield greater than 10% of powdered lignite molding. Mainly used in fertilizer made gas, production of semi-coke, liquid or gaseous fuels and the production of methanol, acetic acid and other chemical products. (2) for the steam locomotive fuel briquette, oval and drip type several coal particles
Shape. Locomotive developed by China briquette, coal saving of more than 8%. Momentum briquette press combustion process using temperature control master heat distortion characteristics, ingredients technology to improve coal quality, as well as improve the briquette ash melting point key technical problems need to be addressed. For high sulfur coal, for example, to make use of the catalytic inverse balanced to improve the conversion rate of sulfur, in order to reduce pollution. The ③ type coke, the the weak adhesion pulverized coal molding, continuous coking furnace coking, or high-speed thermal desorption gelatinous body pressing into coke. Development coke can expand the coking raw materials, to improve coke oven efficiency. With binder low pressure molding to produce industrial coal. The binder is lime, petroleum asphalt, tar, asphalt or pulp waste. The amount depending on the coal can be group, and generally is 5 to 10%.
Civil briquette
In addition to the ordinary briquettes and coal briquettes in recent years started to develop coal briquettes heating flammable the briquette machine manufacturers in china and family cooking on the ignition. This briquette structure and raw material formula is more complicated. Usually by the three parts of the ignition layer, the pyrophoric layer and coal body. Different layers of raw recipe. The ① ignition layer multi-oxidants or paraffin and carbon, mixed with a binder mixed semi-coke powder flammable substances. ② transition layer ignition slightly higher than the ignition layer, from the fire role, so they requested that the raw coal fever greater than 6000kcal/kg, the appropriate granularity. ③ coal body can be adapted to local conditions anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, peat or coal floatation. Because the volatiles and free carbon produced by the pyrolysis is not full combustion in the combustion of bituminous coal briquette fuming therefore the required ingredients volatile controlled within the range of from 20 to 25%, and add the appropriate amount of coke breeze and lime. The coal within the main body having a good microporous structure, to create conditions for a uniformly deposited on the combustible gas; but also improved stoves, oxygen supply sufficient to achieve complete combustion and smoke and. Anthracite main coal briquettes, should be adequate to join a high volatile bituminous coal, and to enhance the flame temperature, altitude, and lit speed. If the proper ingredients, on ignition of coal briquettes combustion gas is generally able to comply with the environmental protection requirements, but the cost is slightly higher.
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