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Briquetting machine:
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briquette machine manufacturers in china is to use a lot of the working medium in the drive pressure, the different raw materials for the compression molding machine, kind lot. The drive pressure medium mechanical transmission and fluid power are two types.

  Friction Press
A mechanical drive types include:
① rely on the friction between the mechanical power transmission and motion friction press;
(2) rely on the driving member and the driven member engaging or means The middleware engaging the power transmission or motion of the press.

  Hydraulic press
Fluid Power Transmission type: hydraulic transmission and gas transmission.
(1) hydraulic transmission types of hydraulic machines and hydraulic press;
② pneumatic transmission type is pneumatic presses presses;
In addition, depending on the intended use, and can be divided into a variety of different use of the name of the professional models. Such as metal briquetting machine, straw briquetting machine.
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