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Metal scrap briquetting machine
2013-03-20 by seoer9
Metal scrap briquette press is mainly used for cast iron scrap, steel scrap, copper shavings, scrap aluminum, high-quality slag and other metallic raw material by a high pressure directly into a cold 3 to 6 kg of conical or other shape of the cake, and in order to reserve Win and reuse reduce recycling process, transport, smelting loss.
The family of devices in the models classification is divided into two forms of vertical type and horizontal models.
Vertical model is nowadays widely used to promote models, design tonnage yield a wide range of applications; horizontal models as the main fuel tank placed horizontally, seals due to gravity affects the design pressure increases, the seal uneven local wear metal  briquette machine  vertical models
The life greatly weakened, unable to meet the requirements of the large yield long-term continuous use, and more use of small-tonnage models (design pressure shall not exceed 2000KN), a smaller range of applications. Acceptance and transfer of use of equipment installation engineering.
(1) the construction and acceptance of the equipment based on quality inspector by the construction sector in conjunction with the civil engineering construction workers acceptance and completing construction acceptance of a single. The basis of the quality of construction must comply with the foundation drawing and technical requirements.
(2) final acceptance of the equipment installation engineering, equipment commissioning qualified. Acceptance by the device management department and the technology department in conjunction with the other departments, the participation of relevant personnel in the installation, inspection, security, use, make the identification, fill out the installation construction quality, precision inspection, security, performance, commissioning, operation record certificate and acceptance of the transfer of single signature by the parties who participate in the inspection to be completed in.
(3) The equipment acceptance and transfer procedures
Acceptance of the device out of the box (or install equipment handover acceptance single), equipment operation test record single after the signing of technical documentation and with the equipment brought by the parties to participate in the acceptance into the device file management, equipment management department; accessories with the device, spare, should fill the spare parts storage invoices sent to the equipment warehouse storage custody. Safety management departments should be documented. Security issues in the trial of the installation
(4) The equipment handover is completed and equipment have been put into operation, a notice signed by the facilities management, and a copy of pay facilities management, and use of, financial sector, production management department, as an archive, the notice to start using the certificate of fixed asset management, assessment The basis of the plan.
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