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Straw briquette machine uses
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Straw briquette machine  is mainly used for processing straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cobs and other crop stalks and other waste, and can also be used for

special equipment for processing twigs, bark, sawdust and other waste.
Straw briquetting machine guillotine cutting length (or Rose) 50 mm below the crop straw or crushed waste is pressed into the cross-sectional size
  Straw briquetting machine
30-40 mm, 10-100 mm length of the rod-like solid particles biofuels, briquetting after forming particles than significant, small size, easy to store and transport, high-

quality solid fuel, the calorific value of 3200-4500 kcal with flammable

Less ash, low cost, alternative fuels such as firewood, raw coal is widely used for heating, living stove, boiler, biomass power plants.
Will be prepared to suppress the straw or forage guillotine cut or rubbing silk, 50mm or less of its length, the moisture content is controlled in the range of 10 to 25%

on the feed conveyor the material fed into the feed inlet, through the rotation of the spindle, driven by the pressure roller rotation, and after

The rotation of the pressure roller, the material is forced from the model Kong Zhongcheng massive extrusion and falling from the discharge port, back to cool

(moisture content of not more than 14%), bagging packaging.
Straw briquetting machine die form a ring mold flat on its structural characteristics: First, motor driven reducer drive spindle rotation, and then through the spindle to

drive the rotation of the pressure roller, simple structure, easy maintenance; second is the pressure roller and mold radial inter-

Gap convenient adjustment, you can ensure that the most appropriate gap between two pressure roller and mold; additional upper and lower electric heating ring,

ring mold heating conducive material molding.

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