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Cassava drying machine mechanical structure and working principle
2013-03-22 by seoer9

cassava dryer machine mainly by the heating source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, unloading and distribution cabinet constituted; wet okara dehydrated into cassava residue dryer drum cloth copy board flip uniformly dispersed in the dryer with hot air, full contact, speed up the drying heat transfer, and mass transfer. Okara with the inclination of the copy board, and the role of the heat medium during the drying process, to the dryer another section starlike discharge valve discharging the dried finished. Process parameters and equipment of the production line, the technical parameters and the selection and design of the structure is in the after careful analysis Okara materials before come and go through the verification of the actual of Okara drying test. Which the design of the program, fully taking into account the Okara moisture content, high protein content, and viscous, and adopted a series of original unique technologies and processes to be addressed to ensure good drying effect.

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