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Introduction and maintenance of hydraulic machine drive
2012-08-24 by seoer9

The disadvantage of the hydraulic press drive
pellet making machine is not perfect with a look at the shortcomings of the hydraulic press drive A hydraulic oil having the compressible and leak factors the

hydraulic drive is not precise mechanical transmission can not achieve the strict transmission ratio 2More energy loss in the hydraulic transmission the

transmission efficiency is relatively low particularly in the long distance transmission more obvious oil press machine failure is not easy to check and

repair hydraulic components and systems easily work media contaminated resulting in system failure causing the system can not work properly if the hydraulic

oil mixed with air very prone to vibration and noise 5 high hydraulic components manufacturing precision requirements the technical level of the system

maintenance requirements high

Simple maintenance of hydraulic machine
Hydraulic machine maintenance method assisted method this method can not disintegrated member can determine the hydraulic components malfunction to avoid the

demolition work shorten the time of the fault diagnosis which can more quickly for diagnosis especially for relatively large the cylinder seal this method is

especially useful hydraulic machine maintenance the empirical method maintenance personnel through the understanding of hydraulic system familiar with the

master structure and working principle of hydraulic components a long time will have accumulated a wealth of maintenance experience of maintenance personnel

by Q look listen and touch on can know where appears the problem out hydraulic machine repair method three replacement method This method is the same

principle the same type with the structure of the hydraulic machine on the same element interchangeably in the same position in order to prove that the

components can be swapped not work well the key to this advantage is even a low technical level of the maintenance personnel can also use this method to make

accurate failure of the hydraulic machine diagnosis but this approach is not very desirable