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Granulating machinery Handling Precautions
2013-06-13 by seoer9
The correct operation of the pellets making machine have to use to extend its life, the use of plastic machinery, however, can not get enough attention in our daily lives, but also can cause some unnecessary problems, then we should pay attention to the use of plastic machinery those problems?
1, pay attention to fire safety, fire extinguishers need to be placed near the grease equipment.
2. Must report the failure or abnormal conditions who are supported by professional maintenance staff to deal with. Found to affect the safety of the abnormal phenomenon, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
3. Do not use low-quality material back with metal impurities or sediment near the feed inlet shall be placed metal objects that may fall into, just to aggravate the screw and barrel wear or produce stuck, damage to the phenomenon.
4, plastic pellet machine operation you want to use cleanliness, viscosity and other indicators are in line with the requirements of the hydraulic oil in accordance with the provisions of a sufficient flow of cooling water to the oil cooler, so as to avoid blocking hydraulic components and piping oil pollution or high temperature, leakage oil damage phenomena. Extruder Fill the gear unit to meet the requirements Lubricants.
5, plastic machinery operation should strictly follow the rules and not be in a non-operator position illegal operation. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, not to destroy the machine safety precautions for the pursuit of efficiency.
6, plastic machinery operation, the material temperature does not reach the set temperature, the holding time is not enough, you are not allowed to start running screw.
7 by trained and familiar with the the plastic mechanical structure and properties and the operating procedures of the operator to operate.