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The proper use of wood crusher
2013-06-21 by seoer9
1, power on, see rotation is correct.
Equipment for tool blade extending cutter plane 2-4mm, and then tighten the bolt. Such as pressure threaded bolts wear should be replaced immediately to prevent loss slide cutter nut.
3, changing the degree wood peeler of expansion and contraction of the knife, must be the same length is stretched knife.
4, by the length of the blade adjustment, particles less than ideal, and to change with different pore sizes Luo sieve.
5, non-entrained stones, broke the knife months and trim firewood investment inside of the nail to prevent.
6, attention to check the hammer bolts found loose fastening Now, hammer and bolt badly worn and should be replaced.
7 sharpening angle of a straight line 28-30 ° strictly prohibited ground into a convex the convex cause steel blade detachment or local mortgage steel.
8, frequent use of the wood shaving machine should be checked whether the lack of bearing butter. Should be 3-4 hours butter filling, not too much butter filling.