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Small and medium-sized feed particle machine, the development of the market, the latest trends
2013-06-26 by seoer9

straw grinding machine manufactured feed in developed countries have accumulated many successful experiences. The development of animal husbandry in the United States and Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries, relies heavily on the crop stalks to produce pellet feed, protein feed crop straws. The proportion of national grass into meat: 73% in the United States, Australia 94%, Japan 81%, while China is less than 9%.
pellet mill manufacturing straw as feed in China has great potential.. Very large amount of China's agricultural straw, corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, rape stalks, peanut Wo, sweet potato vine over seven hundred million tons of annual production, most of which are discarded or burned indiscriminately, a waste of resources, but also serious pollution environment. With our neighbors Japan and South Korea took a fancy to this large and cheap resources, China's imports of straw pellets and briquettes for the development of aquaculture, South Korea in 2007 about 1,000 tonnes of straw feed imports from China, Japan more than 1500 tons.
Straw as feed, and now is not a new topic. In some parts of the country, and the masses had reached a consensus, straw farming has been formed boom, Guangping County, Hebei Province, the protection price 350 yuan / ton straw particle masses straw biodegradable pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, or direct briquetting cows, sheep, only reduces the cost of breeding, but also improves the income of the farmers, so that the previously abandoned straw also the value of money, but also effectively protect the environment. China Central Television, Central People's Broadcasting Station and the Science and Technology Daily "," China market "," Economic Times "and other media this made a special report.
Good feed formulation and professional feed processing machinery is an important determinant of the development of animal husbandry and aquaculture, improve production efficiency.