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Single cylinder low vacuum filling machine hot beverage filling in
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    Single cylinder filling machine juice drinks, fruit wine, white wine, soy sauce and vinegar without gas or liquid filling machine its canned fast, high-precision, non-drip, a wide range of high degree of automation, maintenance convenience features has been the production of enterprises

The industry widely used production line staff especially loved by the users. But this series filling machine filling of hot drinks (such as apple cider vinegar), the author based on the problems encountered in the process of multi-understand and practical application and solution, summarize the following experiences for

The majority of hot beverage production enterprises to draw upon purchasing the filling machine.

Temperature control of the filling liquid

The liquid material in the heating process when the temperature is increased to the wine into the filling machines when the required temperature, the heating means should be adjusted to slowly supplying heat, to avoid liquid material continues to rise or rapid decline, such as liquid rises to above Celsius ninety cylinder,

At a the the bottomless vat electronic flowmeter and temperature indicator to withstand the highest temperature Baidu, once the material is close to this temperature, the electronic flowmeter and temperature indicator will be inaccurate and thus the loss of its function; such as material temperature rapid decline will reduce its

Accuracy affect wine valve canned speed. The filling machine of this model to adapt to the material temperature range of 1 ~ 95 ℃.

Glass bottles requirements

Beverage production enterprises in order to reduce the cost of the beverage bottle, it is easy to ignore the the uniformity requirements bottle. Bottle type and some bottle diameter varying thickness up to a difference of up to 2 to 4 mm, this bottle filling machine into a bottle trackwheel easily get stuck

Dial bottles round safety card bottle automatic shutdown device, thereby affecting production efficiency; same time, the outside diameter of the requirements of the bottle φ24 ~ φ47mm, such as the bottle is too small, easy to run bottle wine valve in the filling valve needle along the mouth, produce blizzard into the beverage within

Too large; bottle, the valve guide filling wine bottle cover sealing area is too large a decrease or loss of sealing effect, filling dissatisfaction or not filling. Another bottle to stand vertically, can not be too inclined, otherwise the impact of the bottle on the role of guide bottle of wine valve cover

Bottle does not easily leak do not form a negative pressure to cause the material can not be filling, thereby affecting production.

The workshop production environment requirements

Hot filling production workshop generally high temperature, poor ventilation, which is bound to affect the normal use of the filling machine, especially in summer. Due to the high humidity of the ambient temperature, the electrical control components installed on the work surface of the filling machine is bound to pose a serious

Heavy threat, due to the fan to draw out the hot air will be circulated to the machine around, make it easier for electrical components, such as an inverter, a short circuit burned.

The solution:

On the one hand to improve workshop ventilation conditions, on the other hand can be considered the electrical control box moved to outdoor or ventilated and dry place, plus a catheter through the heat to the outdoor fan hot air at the outlet, to reduce the distribution of heat around the filling machine, reduce the ambient temperature.

Degrees. The workshop should be ventilated, ambient temperature is best controlled at below 30 degrees Celsius, at a temperature of 15-20 degrees, the relative humidity should be controlled below 40%, when the temperature is 22-30 degrees, relative humidity control in less than 30% .

Maintenance of the equipment requirements

A day after the completion of the production, the operatives cope filling machine simple maintenance necessary, especially mechanical transmission part of the work surface (such as bearings, gears, springs, etc.) you want to add some grease to prevent rust, impact device normal use

. After a certain period of time to wash the jar, wine valve to prevent the generation of bacteria, thereby affecting the shelf life of the material. Food wine valve rubber seals to regularly check and replace, to avoid aging Mifengbuyan and affect the canned effect.


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