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Prospect of edible oil packaging machine market analyse
2012-12-18 by seoer9

With our continuous improvement of people's living standards, especially the increase of people's income, the demand for edible oil gradually toward diversification, multi-layered, and provide a broad market for the development of the edible oil industry. As provide edible oil industry equipment

Industry, edible oil machinery and packaging machinery industry will provide more variety, high quality products to meet the development needs of the food industry.

Edible oil processing equipment, the experts believe should be appropriately scaled up. From the end of 1997, China's vegetable oil processing enterprises (township and county) 4957, an annual output of 8.94 million tons of vegetable oil, the annual per capita edible oil is about 7.4kg. 1998 by

Been adjusted, vegetable oil processing enterprises in 1513, with an annual output of 6.02 million tons of vegetable oil. Currently the world per capita edible oil 14kg, estimated that by 2010, China's per capita edible oil of up to 10kg. With the improvement of people's living standards, edible oils and fats consumption to

Direction of the development of refined oil, salad oil, cooking oil, cooking oil, and nutritional care oil. Adapt to the vast rural areas of the oil packaging machinery can be divided into two categories, a total of more than a dozen varieties and specifications, as well as cleaning, filling of liquid filling machine , paste filling machine Two dozen varieties of specifications of capping, sealing, labeling, and other supporting post-packaging machinery market. With the scale of production, the increasingly large-scale, continuous and automated.

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