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The types and characteristics of the cap capping machine
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Atmospheric capping machine is under atmospheric pressure by liquid weight for filling. Such capping machine is divided into the timing of filling machines  and constant volume filling two, only applies to excluding gas filling low viscosity liquids such as milk, wine.
Vacuum capping machine for filling in the bottle below atmospheric pressure. This capping machine is simple structure, high efficiency, and viscosity to adapt to a wide range of materials, such as oil, syrup, wine, etc. can be applied.
Filling pressure capping machine is higher than the atmospheric pressure, ydsky1123 can be divided into two types: one is the pressure of the liquid storage cylinder bottle pressure equal rely on liquid weight inflows while filling the bottle, said the isobaric filling; another liquid storage cylinder

Higher than the pressure in the bottle, the pressure inside the liquid into the bottle by pressure, high-speed production lines using this method. Pressure capping machine is suitable for filling liquid containing gas, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne.
Oil Capping Machine, filling various types of oil, such as cooking oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil. Class Capping Machine is specifically developed for oil material filling capping machinery, manual operation and flexible configuration of unmanned operation.
Note plug capping machine, such Capping Machine is widely applied in the pharmaceutical, food, daily chemicals, grease, pesticides and other special industries, filling all kinds of liquid and paste products, such as disinfectant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste , creams, cosmetics and other items.

Blow molding machine blow molding machine, mainly used in lotions, liquid filling machine care solution, oral liquid, disinfectant, eyewash, nutrient solution, drinks, injection, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, edible oil, lubricants and special industry installed. The liquid blowing machine blow molding machine technology

Process parts, all made of stainless steel, the high balance tank or self-priming pump Filling straight heat sealing and cutting, bag size, package weight, easy to adjust the temperature of the sealing and cutting and reliable

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