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Oil press steaming wok cover
2012-08-30 by seoer9

The pellet making machine freshly squeezed sesame oil, says popular because sesame oil with natural pure incense of spices for health. More in line with the tastes of the people, with the improvement of living standards and enhanced consumer awareness, consumers need sesame oil, sesame

Demand will be more intense, life essential, the demand will be greater. Not necessarily the lack of use of the oil press oil press the steaming wok, then the use of the oil press steaming wok and manufacturing is a problem.
The the steaming wok Mao tank cover. But in order to make the cooked flesh is very stable during the heat treatment, the slide wet very uniform, leek and pass into the steam Cheng injustice braided cooked Jiang help. Further, from the technical point of view of the safety barrier, in order to maintain a normal situation, a top steaming wok

The tank should be fitted with lids. Fu in the the steaming wok Joel tank and open feeder the dynamic loading severance shape very complex elbow, the lid should make the following arrangements: in the fry tank above the circumferential.

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