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The difference between types of press
2013-06-05 by seoer9
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, in terms of edible oil people are increasingly turning to cold oil press. The cold oil extraction in the oil before pressing without heating or low state, give oil expeller squeezing. Squeeze the oil temperature is low, the acid value is lower, generally do not need refining, refined oil after sedimentation and filtration.
Cold oil extraction of natural features, to avoid the adverse effects of the traditional high-temperature oil extraction and processing. Cold-pressed refined oil retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, completely preserved physiologically active substances in the oil (vitamin E has anti-aging, the sterol skin health and enhance the body's metabolic functions), cold crushing authentic, healthy life choices. But most of the oil is not suitable for cold-pressed, soybeans, high erucic acid rapeseed, cottonseed, peanuts, sesame, soybean oil contains beany flavor, spicy flavor in high erucic acid rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil the gossypol toxin and aflatoxin deterioration oil, must be refined in order to remove. Sesame oil and the scent of fragrant peanut oil, after hot pressing process can get.
cold oil press of raw materials must be carefully selected, otherwise it will be cold due to the maturity of raw materials and raw materials contained harmful substances (such as: the mildew fuel aflatoxin and cottonseed gossypol toxin) The quality of the oil extraction serious impact. General mining, cold-pressed low smoke point, moisture content and instability, is not conducive to long-term storage. Cold pressed generally need to smash out of fuel to go up, sometimes had the second press, press three times. Directly after hot pressing is generally used for large machines pre-press, which is the first oil extraction, but there are also some manufacturers improved models for oil, no other equipment.
Cold pressed oil without going through the pan fried, edible oil, the machine is called a cold-pressed machine. Cold pressed oil color, more pale, but not fragrant oil odor, do not get angry. The key is not cold-pressed oil when fried things from the foam, not silt pot.
Cooked virgin oil after a pan fried virgin, pure cooked Zhayou greasy, fragrance, such as sesame peanut oil rich incense. The disadvantage is not treated fried things from the foam silt pot, but after simple treatment can solve this problem. This is both able to meet both hot and cold dual.
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