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Of multifunction screw press: Share five main oil crops of oil extraction process
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Peanut press:

The peanuts hot virgin cold-pressed may, mainly to hot pressing (cold-pressed as effective as hot pressed). Hot pressing when the first crushing or flaking of the peanuts, and then placed in the steamer and steam for 1.5-2 hours, the temperature reaches 120 degrees, about 3% of the water content can be squeezed into the oil press temperature reaches 85 degrees, begin normal squeeze. If no steamer can also be fried peanuts into the wok. First crushed peanuts, gradually add about 7-8% of the water, you can pan fry deep yellow into juice.

Peanut - cleaning - head over the press - head over the peanut oil - filter - press two times - two times peanut oil - filter - three times press - three times peanut oil - filter
Rapeseed crushing method:

Rapeseed of cold pressing and hot pressing, in order to improve the oil yield and quality of the oil, mainly to hot pressing. The process is as follows:

cold oil press: rapeseed - Filter - virgin embryo - squeezing hot pressing: the rapeseed - Filter - virgin embryo - steaming and roasting - press

Go to miscellaneous the Rapeseed selected first, and then check the moisture content of rapeseed, no testing equipment can be used indigenous detection: nail rapeseed squeeze, if sound, and is divided into two, or oil out of the most appropriate, into a powder into the cake is too dry, too wet. If too dry will have to add 2.5-3% water, fewer stops, direct access to press oil press. Twice to the side of the press.
The shelled peanuts press:

Peanuts in their shells with the press, peanut wet and dry fit generally stripped of peanut shell, peanut can rub their hands go to the Redskins, you can press, can the peanuts press twice. Peanut too wet, the sound, press the peanuts should be re-dried or dried. Such as virgin shelled peanut cake smooth, about 20% of the cake with peanut juice into the mix during.

The cottonseed crushing process:

Cottonseed - cleaning - press - cottonseed oil - filter
Cottonseed cake

Soybean crushing method:

Soybean crushing There are two main methods: hot-pressed and cold-pressed

Soybeans - cleaning - head over the press - head over the soybean oil - filter - press two times - two times soybean oil - filter
Head over the soybean - soybean crushing two times

Production Description: first soybean Filter impurity, and then soybean crushing plus approximately 7-8% of the water softening into the steamer and steam to about 115 degrees before into juice.

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