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oil squeeze
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A. The oil screw press of the power screw oil extraction mechanism is by the power transmission screw axis integrated oil press rotation in a squeeze cage squeeze take oil of oil extraction machinery materials embryo. Made screw press ZX X 10 - (95) ZX X 18 type (200A-3 type), ZX X 24 type (type 202-3).
Two. The ZX X 10 screw press ZX X 10 screw press is based on the original 95-type screw press based on improved design manufacturing. Technical identification of the aircraft compared with the original 95-type press, the structure is more reasonable, especially in the feed section and the improvement of the virgin bore, improve the effect of the process. The machine has easy operation, stable performance, stand-alone light weight, smooth operation, no abnormal vibration and noise, gearbox leakage and other advantages.
    3. (200A-3 ZXX18 (200A-3) screw press ZXX18) screw press is better an oil press, it has a compact structure, large capacity, easy operation, main parts rugged and so on. The aircraft also enclosed a steaming wok equipped with a pressing machine, you can adjust the temperature and moisture of the embryo into the virgin material in order to obtain better press. Aircraft and auxiliary steaming wok with essentially continuous production.
    4. ZYX24 (202-3) pressing machines ZY X 24 pre-press machine, 202 pressing machines based on the redesigned models. It is a reasonable drive, compact structure, small footprint. Aircraft in the dehydration of steam drying, uniform feed, machinery twisted cake, squeeze cage handling made more substantial improvements, put with steamed off quickly, evenly feed, twisted cake effort loading and unloading squeeze cage shell and easy.
    The aircraft is particularly suitable for the squeeze of higher oil content of oil in peanuts, cottonseed, sunflower seed kernels, rapeseed.
    Oil press technical parameters: spindle speed of 16 rev / min; handling capacity of 45 to 50 t / R (rapeseed); equipped with motor 30,7.5,2.2 kilowatts; 12% to 14% of the rate of dry cake residual oil (rapeseed The); vapor pressure of 0.5-0.6 MPa; steam consumption of 150 kg / h. The old shop will need to install multiple pressing machines, pressing machines and pressing machines center distance of 3.3-3.5 m is appropriate.
    Once squeezed the quality of cake: cake thickness of 6 to 8 mm; 3% juice extractor; residual oil from 5% to 7% (dry basis); rice bran: cake thickness of 5 mm, 4.5% moisture
    Technical parameters of oil extraction plant layout: the layout of the oil press, the equipment center spacing of not less than 3 m, the operating channel of the pressing machine in front of more than two meters, the pressing machine wok top clearance is greater than 0.85 m, so that the mixing shaft assembly and disassembly.
    Oil extraction workshop as a pre-pressing workshop, the workshop and the extraction plant could be considered to set the buffer cake library, so that the extraction plant failure piled pre-pressed cake.


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