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drying equipment status and development trend
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China's drying equipment industry began in the 1960s to the early 1980s has begun to take shape. During this period of drying equipment are state-owned enterprises or collective enterprises, the main application of these drying equipment, chemicals, light industry, medicine, food, agriculture, forestry and other industries in the national economy, to the 1990s, joint stock, joint ventures, private enterprises (private) springing up like the emergence of forms of ownership of the entire industry has undergone fundamental changes.
China is a large agricultural country, the annual grain output at about 430 million tons, according to the statistical grain harvest in the threshing, the process of drying, paste filling machine , transportation and other annual loss of up to 15%, far more than five percent of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the standard. These losses every year due to the humid climate, the food entirely natural drying, failed to dry wet grain processing, to reach the safety of water, causing mildew, sprout, about 5% a considerable loss of 21.5 million tons grain, this The numbers are staggering. Grain drying technology and equipment in our country to promote only ten years, more backward agriculture, the low level of mechanization, farmers have lower incomes and food dry development is slow, but with the development of deep processing of agricultural products, increase farmers' income, the process of agricultural modernization accelerated grain drying equipment will have broad market prospects. Dried in time the world's advanced countries in post-natal food machinery of total production 60%, only 4% of post-natal food drying machinery can be inferred that the market demand for grain drying machine is huge.
In recent years, domestic dryer equipment manufacturers compete to increase the pace of investment in technology and new product development. Considerable fame in the industry of Henan powerful Road & Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the development of large-scale equipment to record impressive economic benefits, according to industry needs large-scale professional development of sets of processing equipment for the enterprise, not only the end of the adsorption drying machinery simply rely on the import situation, but also into the international market.
In recent years, with China's rapid economic development, the drying equipment manufacturing enterprises mushroomed rapid growth. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic drying equipment manufacturers more than 500 years of market sales of more than 3 billion yuan.
China's drying equipment has not yet formed the scale of export, the export volume of less than 5%, and is mainly sold to Southeast Asia. But will increase from 5% to 10%, according to authoritative forecasts, as technology development, the next few years China's exports drying equipment accounted for the total output of the export market will also be in Southeast Asia to expand to Europe and the United States. Powerful Henan Road Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. produced the series dryer is sweeping international granulator rely on the high scientific and technological content and become a national "going out" strategy, the vanguard of the pace of exports to pull the entire industry to play a very good demonstration effect.
Grain drying areas for rice, wheat drying of small-scale drying equipment (5 t / h or less), the annual demand is expected to reach 1,000 units; chemical drying equipment demand will reach 3,000 (sets ) or so; pharmaceutical drying equipment demand will reach 3000 units (sets); forestry native products drying equipment demand will reach 2,000 (sets); light industrial drying equipment demand will reach 2,000 (sets) or so. In order to understand the development of the drying equipment, contact the China General Machinery Drying Equipment Industry Association, they revealed that in the next few years, China's drying equipment demand will increase in a number of areas significantly.

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