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Colloid structure and working principle
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Colloid structure:
To colloid mill Department of patented products: compact design, utility models, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation,

simple decoration, durable, adapt to a wide range of production efficiency and high processing fine Υ fine materials ideal processing equipment.
Colloid mill products in addition to the motor and some parts where the parts in contact with the material used in all high-strength stainless steel, in

particular, the key dynamic and static disc for enhanced treatment, with good corrosion resistance and wear , the processing of the material is pure and

pollution-free health. In accordance with the special requirements of users can be customized.
pellets making machine mill work principle:
The colloid mill is driven by the motor through the belt drive transfer gear (or called the rotor) to match the fixed teeth (called the stator) for high-

speed rotation, a high-speed rotation, and the other stationary, processing of materials by its own weight or external pressure (generated by the pump)

pressure to produce a downward spiral impact, through the set, turn the tooth gap (gap between adjustable) by the strong shear force, friction, high-

frequency vibration, high-speed vortex physical role, so that the material is effective in emulsification, dispersion, homogenization and crushing the effect

of material ultra-fine grinding and emulsifying.

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