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colloid mill maintenance repair colloid mill maintenance and repair
2012-09-11 by seoer9
colloid mill maintenance repair pellet making machine maintenance and repair:
1, colloid mill for high-precision machinery, wire-speed up to 20m / s, and the millstone gap is minimal. Replace overhaul after correction of the housing and the spindle with a dial indicator concentricity error ≤ 0.05mm.
Repair the machine apart and replace the adjustment process, never Xu with iron Zhong direct percussion. Application wooden hammer or mat pieces of wood percussion gently, so as not to damage the parts.
3, the machine seals: divided into static and dynamic sealing. The static sealing rubber O-ring, rigid mechanical seal combined with dynamic seal. Hard sealing surface grinding repair scratches should be immediately carried out in the flat glass or flat castings, abrasives better for ≥ 200 # silicon carbide abrasive paste. If the seal is damaged or cracked serious replaced immediately.
4, in the use of the process should be based on processed materials, as appropriate, to carry out regular maintenance.
?About motor maintenance use, please refer to motor manual.
6, random parts most GB standard parts of the bureau, all over the country to buy into.
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