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Manufacturing technology and the role of the filling machine
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   Filling machine developed relatively late, is a packaging machinery and equipment. It is primarily a subclass of products in the packaging machine, but it

is not simple manufacturing technology. Briefly under its manufacturing technology: it contains a photoelectric controlled substances sauce filling machine,

can be

Count quantitative pure pour the waters of installed capacity, wireless remote mobile automatic filling machines ; filling machine star wheel folder structure,

fresh beer filling machine; the residue recovery unit under vacuum cover filling machine filling machine sealing vacuum mention cover means, under vacuum

cover filling machine, true

Space filling machine under the hood red cover device; liquid filling machine with adjustable flow control feed valve, beverage filling machine and cup

institutions, paper cups filling machine drop-cup device, prefabricated filling machine Cup tectorial membrane transport device A new automatic filling

machine metering device.
    In fact, the classification of the filling machine is also very simple, function of different classification different angle from packaging materials can

be divided into a liquid filling machine, paste filling machine , powder filling machine, particle filling machine; from the degree of automation of the

production to speak divided into semi-automatic filling machine and

Automatic filling production line. Liquid filling machine filling principle can be divided into pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, vacuum

filling machine. Some filling machine can be subdivided, for example: the sauce filling machine is mainly applied to the spicy condiments with particles and


Pepper sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, butter pot bottom material, marked oil in the pot at the end of material substances thick sauce

filling. However, in accordance with the operational processes can be divided into fully automatic filling machines and semi-automatic filling machine. DY

series filling machine

Semi-automatic piston filling machine is mainly driven by the cylinder of a piston to extract and play materials with one-way valve control material flow,

magnetic reed switch control cylinder stroke, you can adjust the amount of filling. Main performance:


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