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The rapid development of only innovation Filling Machine
2013-02-21 by seoer9

The filling machine is the rapid development of the only innovation and lasting development. Innovation is the basis for the development of this society, no innovation that our society will not advance. But innovation is no small task, not a casual person can be innovative. Such as

China filling machine field, the development of the four years, but the innovation capacity is still very low. Relative to the imitation of it, the the innovative cost is relatively high, so many domestic enterprises have chosen to imitation, rather than innovation.
Technology on began to increase, driven by the type of filling machine equipment: automatic filling machines , electric foot sealing machine, foot plastic filling machine, ordinary foot filling machine, ultrasonic hose common market Sealing machine, electromagnetic induction aluminum

Foil filling machine, automatic aluminum foil sealing machine, the continuous liquid filling machine , plastic tube filling machine. The associated contraction machine, filling machine, packing machine, coder development extremely unfavorable, so be sure to strengthen the independent innovation capacity of the filling machine.
Must strengthen the independent innovation of filling machine, filling machine's structure and work processes, working principle, manufacturing and materials innovation, so as to lie in an invincible position in the competition from foreign brands, the rapid development of the enterprise.

Today, China is the peak of the market economy on the growing number of entrepreneurs, which began to increase the demand for automatic filling machine, can be seen, the filling machine in China has a broad market space.

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