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Oil press for the classification and identification method of crushing series
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A classification of the oil press

1, the water pressure mechanism oil

    Also known as the hydraulic oil extraction, has basically spiral oil extraction mechanism oil replaced. It is a static system oil, the oil is low, stand-alone small and large area devices workshop on insulation, operating conditions. Oil has a simple structure, but the water pressure mechanism

Refining the hydraulic system oil, the advantages of the provincial power, it can be applied to some of the scattered and dispersed oil (such as rice bran, wild oil) as well as the need to maintain a special flavor or nutritional oils (such as cocoa beans, olive, sesame, etc.). In addition, also for solid lipid

Fat or wax bran, squeeze separation.

2, spiral-oil

    Spiral oil extraction mechanism of oil screw press is more of a crushing system oil equipment. It has a the continuous processing capacity, short time of dynamic crush, the oil rate, low labor intensity.
The main part of the screw press is virgin bore virgin bore with virgin cage and the helix axis of rotation of the virgin cage. Its work process is reduced or the diameter of the root circle helical lead screw shaft gradually increases, so that the spatial volume of the virgin bores shrinking production

Health squeezing role; squeeze grease extrusion from the virgin cage cracks in the outflow, while the residue is pressed into crumb-like pie slices, continuously discharged from the virgin shaft end. Crushing check the oil in a nutshell can be divided into three stages that feed (preload) segment, mainly virgin (the oil) segments, into

Cake (the weight and drain) segment.

3, a new type of hydraulic oil extraction

    Currently on the market a new type of hydraulic oil press has improved in all aspects of the inadequacies passed hydraulic presses, stand-alone electricity is very small, covering only a few square meters, and is connected to the computer controller to achieve a production automation. That

Kinds of oilpress continue to maintain the simple structure of the water pressure presses the advantages of long service life, the production of oil flavor in general oil press, and the diet, not foam.

4 squeezed refining integration oil press

. Crushing series: upgrade from the original two crushing three squeezing upgrade to four squeezing squeezing from the original three, five crushing, and effectively improve the oil yield.
Increase virgin bore size: adjust the pitch to increase the pressure of the virgin bore, to further improve the oil yield.
. Additional virgin bore lead tank back: to avoid extrusion grease again dipped into the dry cake residue, set in the device's virgin bore lead tank, rapid separation of the oil and cake, and improve the oil yield.