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Hot filling machine technology and application examples
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Hot filling technology: at room temperature, theliquid filling machine is relatively easy because the material contact parts will not change with the temperature change of the material in the filling accuracy and speed of filling is a constant, but a lot of uncertainty in the practical application of material medium,

They sometimes the temperature is relatively high, so that the device will have a certain degree of expansion ratio, the beginning of the device is designed to take into account this point, the device has a certain flexibility. Machinery Manufacturing is called: the first design method. Predict in advance this

Situation, and to make specific changes. There is also a start is the high temperature materials, but will slowly cool down during the filling process, there began a low temperature in the filling in temperature will slowly rise, these situations is filling equipment is difficult solution

Decision. Thus rely on some auxiliary equipment to complete the filling process, such as thermostat tank, the insulation groove, so that material can keep a certain temperature difference within a lot of time in the filling, and not too large undulating, causing the instability of accuracy Filling. In the mechanical system.

Made is called: "auxiliary peripherals design method. Although there are both mechanical manufacturing theory, but to fundamentally solve the problem of hot filling accuracy and speed, also need more advanced scientific theory and design methods. Swift machinery are relying on "

The advance design method "and" auxiliary peripherals designed law, research and development more full filling machinery products.

Hot filling technology applications: PET bottled drinks hot filling technology in high-speed production line

PET bottled drinks hot filling technology in China since the birth of the bottling line after just a few years time the development has matured, and the formation of a certain amount of market size. The technology is based on the temperature limit of ordinary PET bottles

As a starting point, through ancillary bottling line, filling the environment as well as the follow-up process, without adding any preservatives premise down to achieve the purpose of the product fresh. Production practice, now that the use of non-heat-resistant PET beverage bottle production, production

Product health indicators have reached a heat-resistant PET bottled drinks the health technical specifications and requirements of the relevant national standards, the shelf life of the product has reached more than a year. The technology relying on the the reasonable filling system design, perfect packaging disinfection system and air purification system

Of the establishment of the system, a comprehensive offering of SIP and CIP systems, and improve the production quality control management.

With the rapid development of China's beverage industry, PET bottled drinks hot filling production line to the high-speed development become inevitable. PET bottled drinks hot filling production line speed is not a simple device to enlarge. With the past in low-speed

Compared to the production line, you need to be innovative and breakthrough inverted bottle sterilization processes and equipment sterilization and filling bottles before filling. After several years of research and exploration of PET bottled drinks hot filling production line speed achieved

Groundbreaking leap, the whole line equipment level close to the world advanced level.

Bottles sterilization of low-speed production line with a conservative disinfectant perfusion, maintain, dumping way, the way of equipment links, covers an area unsuitable for the speed of the production line. Empty bottles of the sterilization process must be optimized to simplify the sterilization equipment

In order to meet the production line to realize high speed requirements. To this end, Jiangsu Newamstar and internationally renowned disinfectant production enterprise cooperation, more secure, and efficient disinfectant instead of the early use of the disinfectant, changing the original packaging materials (bottles and caps) sterilization

Process. From disinfectant perfusion, maintenance, to dumping conversion disinfectant spray rushed way, empty bottles sterilization nozzle inserted into the mouth of the bottle mobile jetting disinfectant, and efficient spray nozzle with U.S. imports, thorough sterilization, safety . At the same time

Disinfectant consumption of the device is greatly reduced, and only 1/3 of the original process consumption, has a lot of running cost savings advantage. Sterilization equipment, simplifying the package material to reduce the device area, the most important, is more suitable for high-speed hot filling Health

Production line. In addition, the bottle sterilizing in a confined environment, microorganisms easy to control, the operating environment is sufficiently improved. Concentration of exhaust gas recycling and processing easier, environmentally friendly, to the maximum extent protect the operator from disinfectant against.

Inverted bottle sterilization of low-speed production line using the inverted bottle longer network chain conveyor, the large area, need to be complemented artificial righting the bottle, is not suitable for production line automation and high-speed. In order to meet the requirements of the production line speed

, I learn from the inverted bottle sterilization chain mode with a high temperature filling production line. As well as the sterilization time to meet the cap requirements, spray cooling machine designed to spray sterilizing machine, in order to make up for the lack of the inverted bottle sterilization time, so that the product to be before the cooling

Fully sterilized.

In addition, the key equipment of the entire production line (twice sterilizing bottles, washing, filling, capping Observing) has the following characteristics:

1, the air delivery channel into the bottle trackwheel Direct Connect technology into the trackwheel using innovative design with bottle bottle bottle clamping mechanism, and to cut into the bottle screw and conveyor chains does not need to be replaced, the replacement of a bottle-shaped and adjust any parts.

2 bottle transmission used in all cards bottlenecks technology, and using the card bottle bottle folder instead of the traditional dial, transform bottle shape no need to adjust the equipment level, there is no need to replace any parts and adjust.

Specially designed stainless steel red bottle clip durable, do not touch the bottle screw part, to avoid the bottle secondary pollution. Disinfectant and sterile water to flush the pipeline pressure detection switches are equipped with low voltage protection function.

4, UHT filling machine directly connected way to reduce pollution aspects. Feed the main the liquid pipe through the static and dynamic seals connected to the distributor, the use of non-cylinder structure. CIP cleaning cup filling machine has, you can make the filling valve contact with the material of the inner and outer walls of

Able to carry out effective CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization.

Rinser, disinfectant, sterile water bottle machine, filling machine, capping machine, transition trackwheel rotation between member and non-rotating parts are used sump sealed isolation, the effective protection of bearings and other steel parts Free Corrosion of disinfectant. At the same time cut off from the outside world unclean

Air intrusion, to maintain a clean environment of filling.

6, air purification system with one hundred and isolation seal windows and into the mouth of the bottle and the bottle has a purifying wind screens, prevent unclean air intrusion cleanroom. Sealed windows with multi Vice isolation gloves, easy to carry out simple maintenance. Equipped device surface spray sterilization

And clean room fumigation system.

Tea drinks, juice drinks and functional beverages after several years of painstaking efforts, has become the beverage market stable, mature products, aseptic cold filling technology show in tea drinks, fruit juice drinks market, reduce the cost of huge excellent

Potential, but its high investment in equipment and equipment maintenance costs prohibitive for many companies. High speed in hot filling machines  technology for many beverage companies to provide the best solution to meet both the growth rate and security, but also reduce the drink

Materials enterprise package material costs and operating costs. With the high-speed hot filling technology has matured, more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises will provide state-of-the-art, stable and reliable beverage filling equipment to bring more direct cost-effective.