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Food liquid filling machine is enormou business opportunities
2012-12-28 by seoer9

In recent years, PET / HDPE plastic bottles are increasingly being applied to the field of liquid food packaging, and to expand its range of applications in the field of liquid food packaging. According to incomplete statistics, the global consumption of plastic containers for beverage bottles each year for

More than 1,000 tons, and its production and sales is growth rate of 10% to 19% annually. liquid filling machine as liquid food packaging, packaging machinery and equipment, but also with the application of plastic bottles broader popularity of the food industry. From this point of view, the filling machine development in this

Contains a huge business opportunity.

After several years of painstaking efforts, tea drinks, juice drinks and functional beverages has become a stable, mature products in the beverage market, high-speed hot filling technology for many beverage companies to provide the best solutions, both to meet the

The growth rate and the safety of the product, beverage companies reduce the cost of packaging materials and operating costs. With the high-speed hot filling machines technology has matured, more domestic large and medium-sized beverage production enterprises will provide state-of-the-art, stable, reliable beverage

Filling machine equipment, bring more direct and cost-effective.