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Raymond Mill improved economic returns
2013-01-15 by seoer9

Engaged in the the production plant research and development of Raymond Mill, are standing on a user's point of view, since the Raymond mill production, Raymond mill for at least three major improvements.
From the above, the implementation of an increaseliquid filling machine rate and increase the first step in the transformation of the steel ball (above), its yield energy saving effectiveness is consistent with the basic. Continue to accelerate the speed of the Raymond mill and switch to the second step of the transformation of the rolling main bearing. Just ZD-500 type reducer

The changed deceleration i2 = 2.8 reducer of the same type, than i 1 = 4 reducer speed to accelerate to n2 = 26.1 × (4 ÷ 2.8) = 37.3r/min. Aircraft access to material cover, put into use since 1984, has repeatedly repair and strengthening, and badly in need of overhaul to be replaced. Overhaul

, According to the literature [4] design, material inlet and outlet diameter from Ф480mm to Ф380mm, change journal Ф600mm to Ф500mm Spherical roller bearings fitted with 230/500. Ensure fitted size and mechanical strength and stiffness requirements. The middle of each feed liner.

Width 50mm, height 50mm convex hull, push material was stirred.
In summary, the implementation of the to increase steel ball (above) and to increase thefilling machines rate of the first step in the transformation, to make the Raymond Mill actual production by less than 2t / h to 4.8t / right; electricity unit consumption by 48kW · h / t dropped to 25.2kW · h / t. Yield (4.8-2) ÷ 2 = 120%,

Saving (48-25.2) ÷ 48 = 47.5 super Fibonacci critical speed transfer speed up to 5% and the sliding spindle to complete the second step of the transformation of the rolling main bearing instead. Production increased to 9.8t / electricity intensity decreased to about 13kW · h / t. Its yield energy saving through better efficiency