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Foreign launch a new feature uses unique packaging machinery
2013-02-22 by seoer9

Electronic rotary PET filling machine

Recently, a German and a British company launched the electronic rotary PET filling machines . It is a stand-alone combined rotary bottle washing, filling and

capping of the new system, the "bottleneck" delivery system, different bottles and packaging conversion can be finished in minutes

Percent. The filling machine can reduce the cost of production, and is equipped with a patented electro-pneumatic the quantitative filling systems and

electronic flow measurement devices can be accurate continuous filling, reduce waste, and to avoid the burden of excessive packaging that may arise. The

system is suitable

For non-carbonated beverages, carbonated beverages, including fruit drinks,paste filling machine temperature of 5 ~ 70 ℃, the hourly rate will reach about 44,000


The computer packaging printing machine

Identification of high-speed printing and packaging products manufacturing date, period of use, flow numbers, lot numbers, trademarks, barcode new computer

packaging printing machine from Hitachi, Japan successfully developed a non-contact printing. By using proven

, Machine excellent results. This computer packaging printing machine, has a 0.4-inch large LCD Chinese operator panel; convenient operation, maintenance,

and conserve supplies. Print font size can be adjusted within a range of 2 to 8 mm, and can print in Chinese, English, Japanese,

The maximum print speed up to 2270 characters per second. Small machine ink solvent consumption, low cost of printing, automatic cleaning function, it is

suitable for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and food industry use.

Three sides sealing bag making machine

Recently, the British company has successfully developed a three-side sealing bag packaging machinery, has been put on the market. Three sides sealing bag

making machine with a new design of multi-function units, set size within the bag production efficiency up

250 per minute. Passed to this versatile unit the Bag size conversion time is reduced to the shortest limit, the transmission part of the bag making machine

mechanical shaft drive gear and turntable are fiber-optic cable control, and equipped with a flexible rubber gripper pocket transfer

To the new design of the rotary table, so that the pocket in accordance with the 90-degree rotation, thereby completing the whole process of the three-sided