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Throughout the domestic packaging market information and market promising types of packaging machinery
2012-07-22 by seoer9

Fruit, vegetable processing and preservation, and packaging equipment: fruit and vegetable processing and preservation is an important trend in the future, an urgent need for grading technology and equipment, technology and equipment of high-yield juice, the concentration of energy-saving technologies and equipment, frozen and dehydrated vegetables, technology and devices.

To facilitate food production of complete sets of equipment: as the representative of the convenience of instant noodles, instant porridge and dumplings, steamed buns and other food processing equipment, and the growing demand. According to the survey of the domestic market, facilitate the direction of demand for food is nutrition, high-grade, tasty. Traditional food processing, the elderly and baby food processing equipment market outlook is equally promising.

Beer, beverage filling equipment: At present there are more than 800 major breweries, more than 2,000 of the main beverage plants. Beer filling machine focus on the development of 50,000 tons / year of medium-sized filling equipment, appropriate development of 100,000 tons / year over the large beer filling equipment. People in the industry, particularly stressed the need to develop multi-functional, high-speed, low loss and precise measurement, automatic detection, automatic equipment; beverage machinery to adapt to "focus on the production of main agent, decentralized filling beverage direction of development, the development of site deployment drinks and equipment.

The pharmaceutical processing and integrated oil press machinery: all kinds of western medicine processing equipment to solve a slice of traditional Chinese medicine, producers, injections, creams, bulk, pill packaging, an urgent need for a variety of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, especially high-speed, automated, multi- function of orange juicing machine machinery, as well as the corresponding sets of composite packaging materials.

Corrugated board, and box (box), printing equipment: In addition to the large number of daily necessities to the carton, and now motorcycles, bicycles are also a large number of cartons, indispensable in the daily life of fruit from the willow basket to switch to cardboard boxes for packaging. It is predicted that the future of vegetables will be a large number of cartons and packaging. With the further economic development and renovation of carton packaging enterprises speed accelerated, urgently need more than 2000 mm wide five-story, seven, nine, and high strength corrugated cardboard, cardboard (box) complete sets of equipment.


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