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China's food packaging machinery gaps compared with foreign
2012-12-20 by seoer9

China's food packaging machinery and more stand-alone-based, low technology content and degree of automation applications in new technologies, new processes, new materials, and can not meet the requirements of our current food enterprise development.

China's food packaging machinery and packaging machinery abroad, there is this gap:

First, low productivity, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, product modeling behind the appearance of rough, basic parts and accessories, low life, made pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality.

Second, the less control technology applications. Such as long-distance remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology. In today's world, the level of packaging machinery from Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan in a leading position, in which the United States forming, filling machines Fill, the sealing three kinds of machinery and equipment technology update soon. U.S. liquid filling equipment company (EJF) production of liquid filling machine , a device can realize the gravity filling pressure filling and positive displacement pump filling. That is, any viscosity liquid

Body, as long as the computer control to change the filling methods can be achieved.

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