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Analysis of food packaging machinery industry growth slowed
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"China's food and packaging machinery manufacturing industry from the second half of 2008, subject to the influence of the international financial crisis, though still maintaining a rising trend contrarian, but the growth rate slowed down, obviously not as good as in previous years." China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association

Secretary-General Ho south, said in an interview with reporters.

Decline in domestic demand

"Although the economic operation of the food and packaging machinery, large machinery industry lesser extent, the industrial added value was not as good as in previous years." He south Analysis. 1 to August of 2009, the machinery industry, the industry profit growth of 6.83%, while the food and package

Installed machinery industry profit growth of 18.42 percent, second only to the heavy-duty mining machinery (growth rate of 21.66%), slightly higher than the automotive industry (growth rate of 17.73%). 1 November 2009, packaging machinery exports fell more year-on-year decline of 28.71%. Because food and package

The installed machinery industry exports a smaller proportion, the decline in exports of the industry is not great. But the impact of the international financial crisis, the overall domestic demand for food and packaging machinery fell more.

2009 the first 11 months, the packaging machinery industry growth rate is below 10%, the output value of new products and the export of negative growth, in particular, in 2009 the output value of new product performance is not very good, compared with the same period in 2008, 2009 1 to November each

Months are on the decline, the first 11 months of decline in more than 20%. "This is a dangerous signal that new product development is slowing, or has developed a new product is not marketable, even if a small number of 2009 doing good business on the new

Not pay enough attention to product development, resulting in a lack of enterprise development potential. Total development of the industry can not rely solely on the increase in the sales of old products, new products do technical support, technical progress come to embody Hope to attract the industry enterprises attach great importance. "Ho south

Secretary-General, not without concern.

There is a gap can not be ignored

He pointed out that the south, with the prosperity of China's commodity economy and improvement of people's living standards, food packaging machinery and packaging technology is very optimistic about the prospects. In recent years, the state has increased supervision of the quality and safety of food, medicines, food

Production and processing and packaging technology have raised new demands. The number of food producers has invested funds for technical transformation and production of packaging equipment technology innovation, to some extent, enhance the level of China's food and drug industries and market competition

Force, but our food packaging machinery compete with developed countries significantly disadvantaged. Packaging machinery industry in China about 30% of the enterprises there is a low-level duplicated construction, this situation is not only a waste of limited funds, manpower and other important resources, but also

Disorder caused by the packaging machinery market confusion, hinder the healthy development of the industry, which restricts the upgrading of China's small and medium-sized food companies packaging machinery and packaging technology innovation.

China's food packaging machinery and more stand-alone-based, low technology content and degree of automation applications in new technologies, new processes, new materials, and can not meet the requirements of our current food enterprise development. Some food companies in order skills

Surgery transformation, the introduction of advanced technology, high production efficiency, high precision packaging, food packaging sets production lines have to spend a lot of money from abroad, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands.

Contrast the main gaps between the domestic food packaging machinery and foreign brands, mainly in the following two aspects:

First, low productivity, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, product modeling behind the appearance of rough, basic parts and accessories, low life, made pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality. Such as Henan Spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

In the light of foreign advanced technology of packaging machines based on the transformation and innovative products, the Spark brand series on the filling machine pneumatic part of Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac, pneumatic components.

Second, the less control technology applications. Such as long-distance remote control technology, stepper motor technology, information processing technology.

In today's world, the level of packaging machinery in a leading position in Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan, which, molding, filling, sealing three kinds of machinery and equipment, technology updates soon. Liquid filling equipment (EJF) production

liquid filling machine , a device can be gravity filling, the pressure filling as well as the positive displacement pump filling. That is, any viscosity of the liquid, as long as the computer control to change the filling methods can achieve.

In the last few years, this technology in the country, such as Jiangsu Qunjie Packaging Machinery Factory, Guangzhou, Macao Special packaging machine companies, and so on.

With the development of global technology, developed countries have nuclear technology, microelectronic technology, laser technology, bio-technology and systems engineering into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology. The new alloy materials, polymers, composite materials,

Inorganic non-metallic materials, new materials also promote the use of food packaging machinery integrated, intelligent, networked, flexible will become the future mainstream of development.

Packaging machinery industry in the face of the needs of the market and how to catch up with and even surpass the developed countries food packaging machinery, and how to increase the pace of innovation, and strive in a short period of time to develop a number of independent intellectual property rights and the international advanced level

Products, is an urgent task in the face of China's food packaging machinery enterprises.

The market is still optimistic about the prospects for the development

At present, the global demand for packaging machinery annual growth rate of 5.3%. The United States has the largest manufacturer of packaging equipment, followed by Japan, the other major manufacturers, as well as Germany, Italy and China. But packaging machinery and equipment production

The fastest growth is in the developing countries and regions.

Very few manufacturers of professional research and development in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers, which is our lack of. But in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers continued efforts of the domestic packaging machinery made in metrology, manufacturing, technology and performance

Good results, especially beer, beverage filling machines , high-speed, sets, high degree of automation, good reliability. There is also the emergence of mechatronics, the surge in demand for automated packaging machine equipment.

Domestic packaging machinery is also growing as the market changes, the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers to the development of fast, low-cost packaging equipment direction, and already has the production of packaging machinery and equipment companies on future product updates

Increasing the proportion of the production line of packaging machinery will rise, especially food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry needs most ardent.

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