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Common Failures and Countermeasures sterilization machine
2013-01-04 by seoer9


1. Kill Yin sink heating slow

(1) the steam pressure is too low, increasing the steam pressure;
(2) The steam pipe flow, increase the diameter of the pipe;
(3) heat exchanger peripheral blockage, not timely exchange of hot and cold, remove the switch to clear the the alkali dirt, scale, dirt and other debris;
(4) The cold water flow is too large, reducing the water flow rate.

2. Semi-finished wine bottle breakage rate

(1) bottle pressure is low, replace the bottle;
(2) the bottleliquid filling machine Jiuye pressure, reducing the pressure when the filling machines liquor;
(3) sterilization machine slot temperature difference is too large, reducing the temperature difference;
(4) down spray water management, resulting in a partial vacuum state, clear water pump impeller on the scale, increasing the amount of hot water spray;
(5) crooked bottle, pour uneven heating, full as far as possible into the full out.

3. The sterilization machine running slow

(1) oil temperature is too low, can not meet the requirements of the pump, and turn on the heater;
(2) Hydraulic below the required pump speed slow or shunt valve clogging, increase the pump speed or cleanup shunt valve;
(3) sterilizing machine frame wedges badly worn, to replace framework oblique iron.

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