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The brief description of industrial drying machine
2013-03-18 by seoer9
Industrial dryer heat from the combustion device, the dryer downstream heating. Drying material from the feed tank, feed slip into the cylinder, Jibei spiral copy board to the. The one hand, the effect of gravity and rotary dryer tilted, the material flow to the back-end, on the other hand the material to be copied board repeatedly so he took with Young Caesar down and then continue to the upper end, so that the material in the barrel to form a uniform curtain curtain, fully by heat exchange with the hot gas stream of the barrel, the moisture contained is dried gradually due to the material repeatedly Yang sprinkle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Rotary drum dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining and other industries. The device operates as follows: after dewatering the wet material is added to the dryer after the copy board, uniformly distributed within the drum flip, uniform dispersion of the material in the dryer with hot air sufficient contact to accelerate the drying heat transfer, mass transfer. Dryer during the drying process, the material in the copy board with tilt and hot temperament to another section of the star unloading valve discharge finished. This machine is suitable for drying moisture content less than 85% of all kinds of bad slag materials, such as brewer's grain, bean dregs, shotcrete, corn bran, slime, Marc open feed resources, reduce feeding costs, reduce environmental pollution has good effect.
At present, our main export products of the rotary drum dryer is vibrating drying equipment, vacuum sawdust dryer equipment, small and medium-sized food, food and agriculture, forestry, native products drying equipment, with an annual export volume of more than a few hundred units, the main export areas in Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and have opened the door of the European and American markets.
1, open the door, the dryer dehydration after the materials evenly rotate the transfer cylinder, then closed and locked the door.
2, according to the type of material used, choose the right time, to the time required to adjust the timing device.
3, press the start button, start fan, drum rotation direction selectable unidirectional rotation and bi-directional rotation according to user needs. As long as the computer board rotary switch to one-way or two-way, the machine will be based on requirements to perform a one-way operation or two-way operation. (Forward 25 seconds, 5 seconds, reversed 25)
Flip of the internal fabric, often viewed from the observation window, if unforeseen circumstances should be promptly cut off the power supply, check the fault.
5, when the machine is running to the specified time, the machine will automatically stop running, you should ask the operator to open the door to check the internal fabric cassava dryer, if not achieve the desired effect, may be appropriate to extend the time.
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