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About rotary drum dryer
2013-03-18 by seoer9
Rotary drum dryer is also known as drum dryer equipment cylinder dryer is the most common and widespread application of a drying equipment in the mining equipment.
Working Principle
Dry wet material by belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper, then through the feeding hopper feeder pipe into the feed end. The feed pipe slope is greater than the natural inclination of the materials, so that the material the smooth inflow dryer within. The dryer cylinder is tilted slightly into a horizontal rotating cylinder. Adding materials from the higher end of the heat carrier from the low to enter into countercurrent contact with the material, the heat carrier and material together and flows into the cylinder. Run with the rotation of the cylinder material by gravity to the lower end. The wet material in the process of moving forward of the cylinder body, directly or indirectly to the heat of the heating medium, so that the wet material to be dried, and then in the discharge end by a belt conveyor or screw conveyor sent. In the wall of the cylinder body is equipped with a copy board, and its role is to copy the material up and Samuel, the contact surface of the material and the gas stream is increased to improve the rotatory dryer rate and to promote the material forward. The heat carrier is generally divided into the hot air, flue gas or the like. Heat carrier by the dryer after the cyclone gas brought the material to trap down. For further reduce exhaust gas dust content should be after then put the bag filter or wet dust collector emissions.
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