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The basic principles of drying equipment selection
2013-05-14 by seoer9
Each drying device has its specific scope of each type of materials can be found in a number of drying device to meet the basic requirements, but there is only one most suitable. If the improper selection of the user in addition to a one-time high procurement costs to bear unnecessary, but also throughout the life of paying a heavy
Of consideration, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating costs, poor product quality, and even the device can not function properly and so on.
The following is a selection of the general principles of the drying device, is hard to say which one or several of the most important the ideal selection must be focused on their own terms, and sometimes compromise is necessary.
1 the applicability ------- drying device must first be able to apply to specific materials, materials and meet the dry basic requirements, including good material (feed, transport, fluidization, dispersion, mass thermal, discharge, etc.) and to meet the amount of processing, dehydration, product quality and other aspects of the basic requirements
Drying rate --- only the drying rate, height of the material dispersed in a hot air convection drying, the critical moisture content is low, fast-drying, and with convective drying, drying method critical moisture content, and thus The drying rate is also different.
Low-energy ------- energy consumption indicators of different drying methods, the general conduction the dry thermal efficiency theoretically up to 100%, the convection drying only about 70%.
4. To save investment ----- accomplish the same functions drying device, sometimes cost differences between choosing the low selection.
5 low running costs --- depreciation of equipment, energy-consuming, labor costs, maintenance and spare parts costs and other operating costs as low as possible.
Select simple structure, an adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability, long life drying device.
Comply with environmental requirements, working conditions, safe.
Selection is best to make the material drying experiment, in-depth understanding of the drying device similar materials have been used (advantages and disadvantages), often appropriate selection.
Not rely entirely on past experience, pay attention to the absorption of new technologies, to listen to the opinions of experts.
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