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Hydraulic press system requirements and profiling
2012-08-22 by seoer9
The hydraulic machine the hydraulic transmission purposes of pressure processing facilities can be used to complete a variety of forging and increased pressure forming. Such as steel forging, molding of the metal structure of the molecular compounds of plastic products and rubber products to curb. The pellet making machine is one of the earliest applications of mechanical hydraulic transmission, hydraulic drive pressure processing machinery has become the main drive way until now. Among the heavy machinery production industry, the aerospace industry, molecular compounds, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industries, oil press machine has become tightly closed facilities. Hydraulic machine hydraulic drive system is to transform the main pressure, high system pressure, flow, power. Because this should add meaning growth the original motive power utilization and to avoid the initiation of shock and oscillation when the pressure relief, safe reliable.
Hydraulic press based on curb technological requirements of the master cylinder can be completed quickly downlink a reduced rate to curb a security rolling a pressure relief the basic office loop backhaul repose (wanton position), and the pressure, speed and dwell time need to be able to adjust. The top of the hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to top out as a piece, the successful and backward movement of repose. Such as sheet steel, and require that the top of the hydraulic cylinder rising up, of repose and pressure backhaul help action. Sometimes need to use a blank cylinder blank pressed to avoid surrounding wrinkling. Hydraulic machine main movement in the main implementing agency (master cylinder) maximum output pressure (tonnage) as the main specifications of the hydraulic press, and has been serialized. The ejector cylinder tonnage often sees fit to use the master cylinder 20 one hundred percent of the tonnage of a 50 hundred percent. The top of the cylinder of the extruder is considered appropriate use the major tonnage l0 hundred percent. Double action drawing the the blank cylinder tonnage of the hydraulic machine, ordinary think the appropriate stretching cylinder tonnage about 60 hundred percent. Speed ??of the master cylinder pressure process needs to confirm the general system of hydraulic oil pump directly, its office travel speed of not more than 50mm / s, fast-forward speed of not more than 300 mm / s, the rewind speed fast forward speed peer-to-peer.