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Vacuum packaging machine often explosive fuse how
2012-11-12 by seoer9

Your old vacuum pellet packing machine blasting fuse, only check three in the OK: motor, such as bearings, safety cover whether hinder the operation, large load

fuse easily burst; vacuum pumps, rotary resistance problem, check look there for no reason

Impaired; Third, check the wire to see whether nonintact short circuit.
Improvements: This is an old model, this upgrade. Find no obvious fault, it is the equipment old, the running resistance of the various components, and

occasional Ba Jin, will burned insurance. 1, in the fuse before a circuit breaker (air switch)

, Will be able to reduce the loss of explosive wire. Or simply cancel fuse. 2, the election of a slightly larger fuse, but not too big. This will seek

security, generally do not advocate this approach because the original machine optional fuse should be able to meet the technical requirements. Your

Vacuum powder packing machine in the increase of the state of the fuse, the case of a non-normal state, larger equipment unit consumption will also increase the

cost of production.