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Determination of the bypass valve opening pressure
2012-11-19 by seoer9

Full-flow oil filter has a bypass valve (safety valve). So that the flow of oil in the lubricating system without interruption in the clogging of the filter. The pressure difference between the size of the bypass valve opens can produce the following effects:

For the filter life, the bypass valve is open to the large pressure difference between the long life of the cartridge. Filter strength, the valve opening pressure difference stool requires filter strength increased correspondingly, the order of the large pressure differential because of the need. At the outlet to the pressure drop in the main oil passage between the oil pump for the hydraulic pressure of the mainoilpress passage, a bypass valve pressure differential representative. The valve of the pressure differential is set too high, the pressure drop also increases. The main oil gallery oil differential low there may be problems.

Therefore, from the entire lubrication system requirements in terms of the bypass valve opening pressure differential fixed small number of appropriate. The only drawback is brought Filter life is relatively short. Need several different filter, but the pressure difference is set too high easy lubrication system trouble, such as the main oil gallery oil press is too low or filter damage.

Car with the filter bypass valve opening pressure difference often between 70 ~ 250kpa. Whichever is smaller light vehicles and heavy vehicles desirable values.

The bypass valve is fully open in the case of filter full blocking. Therefore, in the design of the bypass valve out of hole and the channel should be given a sufficiently large size. To ensure the filter 80 to 100% of the rated flow unobstructed through the bypass valve.