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Brief history of packaging machinery and
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Packaging machinery, with the emergence of new packaging materials, and packaging technology innovation and development. Chinese invention of papermaking technology, in the history of paper packaging production conditions. 1850, the world price of paper fell to the paper packaging for the food

Products. 1852 American Wally invention made paper bag machine, paper products machinery. Established the world's first packaging machinery factory in Germany in 1861 and production in 1911 fully automatic forming filling and sealing machine.

In 1890, the United States began producing liquid filling machine , gravity filling machines was produced in 1902. The beginning of the 20th century, the British Durand metal container to preserve food, and thus give rise to a variety of canned food.

Since the 1960s, new materials gradually replace the traditional packaging materials, especially plastic packaging materials, packaging machinery undergoing major changes. The rise of the supermarket, updated on packaging requirements. To ensure the supplier

Safe and fast product transport containers emerged the container body size gradually achieve standardization and serialization Packaging Machinery, thus contributing to further improvement and development.

The role of packaging machinery

The packaging is a necessary condition of the product into circulation, and the primary means of packaging the use of packaging machinery. With the era of development, technological advances, packaging machinery plays an increasingly large role in the packaging field.

Its main role are the following:

(1) can greatly improve labor productivity sliding plastic sealing machine mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, such as candy wrappers, hand bag of sugar 1min only package ten pieces, candy packaging machine up to hundreds of blocks per minute even a thousand, to improve efficiency number


(2) can effectively ensure the quality of packaging machinery packaging in accordance with the requirements of the packaged goods, in accordance with the needs of the morphology, size, specifications packaging and manual packaging can not be guaranteed. This is particularly important export commodities, only the mechanical package

Installed, in order to achieve the packaging normalization, standardization, and comply with the requirements of the collection of packaging.

(3) can not be achieved by manual packaging operations of some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, skin packaging, the isobaric filling are handmade packaging can not be achieved, can only achieve mechanical packaging.

(4) reduce labor intensity and improve the working conditions of the labor intensity of manual packaging, such as manual packaging volume, heavy products, both physical consumption and unsafe; higher frequencies of light, monotonous action, easy to work

People have occupational diseases.

(5) is conducive to the workers of labor protection products for some seriously affect their health, such as severe dust, toxic products, irritating, radioactive products, health hazards inevitable manual packaging, mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can

Effective protection of the environment is not polluted.

(6) can reduce the cost of packaging loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, linen and other compression packing, compression packing machine can greatly reduce the size, thereby reducing packaging cost savings in storage costs. Greatly reduced due to the volume at the same time, save positions

Capacity, reduce storage costs, is conducive to the transport.

(7) can be reliably to ensure product hygiene products, such as food, medicine packaging, according to the health law is not allowed to hand-packing, because pollution products, and mechanical packaging to avoid staff who are directly in contact with food, medicines, to ensure that the Health quality


(8) to promote the development of related industrial packaging machinery is an integrated science, it involves a variety of disciplines, materials, processes, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and synchronization, coordination of development requirements of the relevant disciplines, any discipline the problem

Will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery.

Therefore, the development of packaging machinery will effectively promote the progress of related disciplines. In addition, in order to adapt to the needs of the high-speed packaging packaging machinery, before and after the process is bound with adaptation, will promote the related process synchronization.