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Alien bottled machine design and electrical control box
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Alcohol, daily chemical, condiments and other liquid commodity in the fast moving consumer goods industry increasingly focused on personalized packaging of the product, and a wide variety of shaped bottles (non-regular round bottle) dazzling, rich prosperity of the market. In industrial production

Today, shaped bottle packing a new subject to the packaging machinery industry. Research and development through market research, on the basis of the standard-shaped packing machine, powder packing machine  adapted to the special-shaped bottle into the market after the good results obtained user praise


2 Alien bottled box machine system components

2.1 packing machine composition and technical specifications

(1) Composition. The Alien Bottle Packer transportation agencies, mainly by the bottle and box transportation agencies, grab of bottled boxes institutions. The bottle conveying mechanism, single row shaped bottles sent through variable conveyor, single row bottle conveyor bottle conveyor into a multi-column, to meet grab bottled

The need of the box. The box conveying institutions transporting the boxes before bottling the box and after bottling. Grasping the bottled tank institutions in accordance with the trajectory, will arrange regular bottle packing a box or boxes can be installed at a time.

(2) the main technical indicators. Carton size: according to user requirements and design adjustment range; bottle specifications: according to the adjustment range of user requirements and design; production speed: 12 boxes / min (adjustable); power supply: 380V, 50Hz; Total power: 4kw; consumption

Gas consumption: 0.6m3/min gas pressure: 0.6Mpa.

2.2 packing machine control program

A1, Alien bottled box machine control system mainly consists of a programmable controller G1, man-machine interface, G2, servo control drive servo control drive A2 inverter A3, the inverter A4, detection / actuator. G1, G2 constituting the control system of the nuclear

Heart and operator interface, control parameters can be completed on the man-machine interface. Servo control drives A1, A2 drive control servo motors M1 and M2, completed the bottle to change lanes and packing process control PLC through a high-speed output of A1, A2 sends pulses

Changing the pulse transmission frequency and quantity control operation of the servo motor. A3, A4 inverter control motor M3 and M4, to complete the delivery of the bottles and boxes, via RS485 bus control the speed of the motor M3 and M4 and start and stop.

3 packing mechanism bottles of program analysis and design

filling machines  and labeling of products transported by the conveyor chain, bottle of single or double row (change through specific institutions) to the packing equipment. Round bottles by pushing each other to touch, avoid from single column into multiple columns bottle in multi-row chain channel formation law

Permutations. For special-shaped bottle, from a single row into multiple columns can not be reached by pushing each other to touch, avoidance purposes. For the shaped bottle packing, bottle conveying finishing is a critical issue, we use the two solutions.

3.1 a variable column conveying finishing methods

A variable multi-column conveying finishing method (hereinafter referred to as method 1), to separate the transport control means for moving the bottle through M2 sequentially sent to the respective crossing multiple columns conveyor chains, so that a bottle conveyor into a multi conveyor, advantages is that the bottle

Conveying almost uninterrupted.

Process to control the displacement of the servo motor M2 for the servo motor M2 is an initial bit setting, in order to uniform the number of each track bottle, bottle must enter each channel to count the quantity of edge tract into the intermediate channel 2 times, in order to

Reducing the number of shift Road, ended bottle device in order to prevent the shift Road card, bottles moving With the shift tract institutions synchronization.

3.2 change line walking conveying finishing methods

The column variable line walking conveying finishing method (hereinafter referred to as Method 2), the main by single double conveyor chains, a single row of variable-row institutions, walking chain composed of multi-row conveyor. The motor M3 driven single-row chains, servo motor M2 chain drive multi-row conveyor walking every

Times walking two lines of the bottle. The single row of varying double row purpose is to reduce the servo motor M2 step shift of the waiting time and improve the conveying speed of the bottle. The method mechanism is simple, relatively easy to control.

3.3 two kinds of conveying finishing methods Comparison

Common is able to complete the special-shaped bottle into multiple columns from a conveyor transport, accurate operation of the servo motor. The difference method 1 method complex mechanical and control method, Method 1 input finishing faster than method 2 fast

Method 1 does not change the conveying direction of the bottle, to change the conveying direction of the bottle in Method 2 Method 1 Method 2 of the equipment layout is simple.

4 grab bottled box design and control

4.1 grab bottled box composition

Grab bottled box by the driver and drivetrain, grasping bottles institutions, out of the box body (for cartons), guiding mechanism (horizontal and vertical direction). The driver is driven by a servo motor M1, according to the trajectory of the packing process, and the precise control

Operation. Grab boxes agencies, according to the different bottle and box design different institutions, depending on the design, each grab a box or boxes. Unpacking agency focused on the carton, the carton on the sealing edge separately, to facilitate the loading of the bottle. Guide

The role of the bodies in the packing process for guiding, including both horizontal and vertical direction, a vertical guide means mounted on the horizontal guide means, may be integrally horizontal movement.

4.2 grip bottled box trajectory design

(1) the large sprocket transmission scheme. By the drive sprocket, transmission chain, grasping the bottle institutions. The servo motor M1 drives the large sprocket, two passive small sprocket wheel for the chain drive for orientation, improve the transmission of stationary. Large reduction ratio

The deceleration machine to increase the drive torque, grab the bottle of deadweight focused on the chain. Guide mechanism, chain driven, do graphic two-dimensional motion, smooth grabbed the bottle from the conveyor chains into the empty boxes.

(2) the small sprocket and rail transport scheme. By driving small sprocket, passive small sprocket, transmission chain, slide rails, grab bottles institutions. The servo motor M1 drives the small sprocket, the transmission torque is reduced gearhead reduction ratio is relatively reduced,

Increase the torque of the drive motor, grasping a bottle deadweight concentrated in the chain or sliding wheel, with program have advantages and disadvantages. Oriented institutions do planar two-dimensional motion, smooth grabbed the bottle from the conveyor chains into the empty boxes.
4.3 Initial role in the process of motion control

Any transfer program, the servo motor M1 impossible continuous operation must follow a certain trajectory reversing forward running grab the bottle packing done and bottle inverted, and then grab the bottle. Orderly operation of the servo motor M1

Servo motor M1 must initial position, initial generally located above the grasping bottles. Bottles and boxes in the packing process, is not in place, grab the bottle institutions waiting in the initial position, the place running grab the bottle, boxed. Normal shutdown stops in the initial position,

Emergency stop, stop at any position, and continue to run after the boot.

4.4 Simple intelligent control method

The mechanical grab bottles institutions grab the bottle and packing process appears card bottles phenomenon, through the photoelectric switch detects the card bottle phenomenon, only for ordinary packing machine downtime solve otherwise damaged grab the bottle first class parts. For profiled bottled box machine

Servo motor control, control process, grab a bottle at the card bottle, grab a bottle institutions diffuse speed returned to the initial position, and then diffuse steepest descent to grab a bottle, packing at the card bottle, grasp the bottle institutions diffuse speed backwards distance of a bottle, and then diffuse steepest descent loaded

Box Office. In this process, the operator can handle the card bottles phenomenon, not timely detected again cards bottle equipment automatically shut down the reduce failures and outages, while protecting the the grip bottle institutions without damaging.