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Use of the filling and sealing machine
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Get the film need to confirm the direction of the film winding identify counterclockwise, and on the film pole fixed. (Turn off the power when the wear film)

Note that the film before and after the splints and film closely integrated, such as not closely integrated, the need to use a utility knife to cut the film the inside of the paper tube bevel and then rows into.

With plastic sheets to put on film, the film is firmly attached to the receipt paper tube.

Mobile chain dynamic sealing machine


Power, turn on the power switch, indicator lights, the thermostat is set to a predetermined temperature, light green heating. On a hot plate to a predetermined temperature, the red light (sealing machine at work, an electric device in heating thermostat

And constantly alternating insulating state, so the green and red lights constantly alternate display, this is a normal phenomenon).

Plastic cup into the lower die skateboard hand pushed into the lower die skateboard determine the location (for automatic sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, placed in a plastic cup, under mode skateboard will automatically enter) downward pressure to move handle to the maximum stroke of the sealing machine, powder packing machine  1 to 2

Seconds, then slowly rising handle and push it to its original position.

Pull out the lower die skateboard, remove the plastic cup, placed in sealed plastic cups at the end of another cycle.

Cleaning and maintenance of the sealing machine

Regularly clean the surface of the machine, the floor and the lower die skateboard, trench, the upper mold platen and positioning rod (Note: You must turn off the power and restore the normal temperature).

Lower die skateboard, strut bearings, the eccentric guide post, guide and other transmission parts butter on a regular basis to ensure that the use of the machine performance.

Cleaning cutter approach: first the lower die with a cotton ball scuppers plugged the boiling water into the lower die groove, until the filling machines , and then push

The lower die skateboard in place, pressure, pressure to the lowest point of the upper die cutter soak for a few minutes to clean up to several times.