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Mechanical design filling machine pilot to take the road of localization
2012-12-22 by seoer9

Localization of thefilling machines should go for quite some distance, the domestic situation is "mutual imitation" - mimic each other in the domestic

counterfeit, also called the "imitation". Probably the same level, you have, today, tomorrow others will imitate went. A filling

Machine industry will then several mechanical design capabilities to develop new products. Other manufacturers to follow-up over. So on the Internet we find

filling the opportunity to see a lot of products, but most of them identical.

Comparatively speaking, we look at someliquid filling machine manufacturers abroad, their products, whether in appearance or design principles have relatively

large difference. This is a lot of domestic manufacturers want innovative efforts to learn foreign products original

Due, methods of operation abroad to attend the show, shoot some equipment pictures or purchase a device samples used counterfeit. This is "outside the

imitation, counterfeiting abroad.

Whether the "imitation" or "outside" are in imitation imitation. Not too much innovation and design. The product would have been in the follow-up, follow

others forward. In order to go beyond and innovation must have its own mechanical design capabilities, mechanical design and research

Fat is a fundamental prerequisite for filling machine eventually localization.