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Corn combine harvester lubrication and maintenance points
2012-12-30 by seoer9

Corn combine harvester structure more complex moving parts and the work environment is bad, timely, careful, correct lubrication and maintenance is very important for all friction parts, not only can improve the reliability of the corn combine harvester, reducing friction and

Power consumption, can also increase the service life of the mechanical parts, reduce the cost of its lubrication and maintenance in addition to the time period required by the instructions to be used in strict accordance with the models, fat models, lubrication lubrication points should be a good grasp to

The following points:

1, the oil used in appliances clean. Lubrication should be wiped off before the fuel injectors, fuel filler, lubricating parts of the oil spill and dust.

2, often operating temperature, check the bushings, bearings and other friction parts such as oil spill oil seal working temperature should be repaired immediately and lubrication, and can not be repaired immediately to shorten the lubrication interval. The lubricating parts, removable bearings, bushings

, Sliders, etc. should be read in conjunction with the maintenance, clean oil, lubricating oilliquid filling machine after assembly. Oil bearing, a year after the end of the job should be removed, soak 2 hours up the oil in the oil.

Every day exposed rotating parts, chains, exposed transmission gear lubrication and maintenance, lubrication parking, remove sludge chain, and even wiping brush lubricant. In addition to the bush roller chain every 3 to 5 days unloaded on gasoline used brush

Cleaned once a dry and then soak for 15 minutes in hot oil.

4, lubrication injection point should be lubricated parts per shift (job 10 hours) butter filling time, must be injected into the butter with a grease gun to add a little filling does not go rotatable coupled until thefilling machines .

5, after the end of the combine harvester commissioning, or after a long time to run, should drive gearbox gear oil, engine oil pan oil change or filtered before use. Generally inspected once a week and found that the oil spill should find out the reasons for troubleshooting, not oil level

The foot should first check whether the remaining oil to emulsify metamorphism, metamorphic If you want to completely replace, if not deterioration can add the same as the original model lubricants to the requirements of the oil level.

6, after the end of each oiling point should note full of oil, open drive gear, knives and other unpainted surfaces should anoint rust. The various parts of the drive chain should be removed after cleaning oil soaked warehousing storage.