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Semi-automatic liquid filling machine during use Precautions
2012-10-30 by seoer9

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine during use Precautions:

1, used in accordance with the provisions of the power supply and air supply.

To prevent electric shock, the confidential good grounding for the aircraft configuration a ground socket.

3, removable and washable native, be sure to turn off the gas source and the power.

4, turn off the power switch, the machine electrical control circuit voltage must unplug the total power supply in case of fault repair.

Equipment briefly:
· The seriesfilling machines plunger filling machine, self-priming filling material from the cylinder to drive the piston extracted material into the metering cylinder driven by a pneumatic piston through the feeding tube into the container, filling volume by adjusting the cylinder stroke to determine.
· The series filling machine is suitable for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries particles without gas or liquid material filling;
· The series filling machine adopts Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components, stable and reliable performance.
· The filling machine can be modified to become a two-headed, explosion-proof filling system;
· The machine main driving force for the gas source, customers must bring their own air compressor equipment.


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