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Packaging machinery manufacturers lead the low carbon economy
2012-11-21 by seoer9

Embarrassment in green products, low-carbon economic impact again, to achieve a truly green economy. That low-carbon economy is clear: green products are not able to achieve a green economy or people still fuzzy on the concept of green economy

The concept of a green economy and low carbon content. Engulfed the global economic model, will have a far-reaching impact on the economy as a whole institution. For the packaging of food and related industries: a revolution. Worthy of attention and study.

Environmental policy

Excessive packaging of moon cake in our country has become the main areas of the food consumer criticism. The moon cake essentially has become a gift rather than eat. Moon cake can be a slight exaggeration to say: entirely to the human face there. Other foods

Especially food, the wasteful packaging material to be an honor, a brand gold "additive", it seems that the brand is the endorsement of the quality of food packaging. Approaching low-carbon economy, the production of these excessive packaging

Goods growing disapproval. We are pleased to see the realization of food low-carbon economy, a new era will be a return to quality competition.
The so simple review our hours Taosupellet packing machine has also been down to the birthday three feet drooling food. Today, the beautifully packaged food, but fears too many colors, additives concerns. Food quality and beautifully packaged as not, though

Can not completely be inversely proportional to the contingent, but also some related. Europe and the United States, Wal-Mart, Safeway, and Tetra Pak has already begun in the purchase to packaging suppliers to ask for similar documents. ProMach president noted: "More and more JackAguero

Packaging machinery manufacturers began to focus on the importance of sustainable development. "This trend is likely to continue.

The challenges facing the industry

Despite the low-carbon economy has become the main theme of the propaganda of the media, the implementation is still a long way to go. Europe and the United States has always attached great importance to environmental protection. Although the energy consumption of machinery and equipment is not high, and do not need to take the strategy of "sustainable development". But

Have been speaking for the food industry is imminent. And manufacturers of food powder packing machine must go ahead before the needs of the food industry, because they (food packaging machinery manufacturers) will find that their customers will ask them to provide more affordable

And environmentally friendly products. Therefore, manufacturers must be ready as soon as possible that day.

For large food companies, large retail supermarkets, large equipment manufacturers, they are more happy to see the low-carbon economy like Dongfeng to promote enterprise restructuring, increase vitality and innovation competitiveness, because he did not have competition, at the same time,

SMEs can also be next to test their skills in the new economic environment, takes the plunge, so a good map of the economic development of the competitive landscape will be formed, and the benefit of mankind.

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